The night before this event, I did my usual check of the kids before bed to make sure covers hadn't slipped off, various body parts weren't sticking out etc. I found this little one in her usual state of disarray. Blankets all in a bundle, upside down in the bed.  As I pulled up her covers I felt that they were all wet! Not just a little damp, absolutely soaking wet. I thought the worst of course and prepared myself for the change of p.j's and bedding that was to come. Then as I moved the blanket out of the way I saw the true culprit. Her beloved puppy Jasper.

She told me the next morning she had wanted to give him a bath so had hopped out of bed to give him a quick wash. And then of course had tucked him back in, so he wouldn't get cold.

So on this rainy afternoon, we gave Jasper a proper bath and hung him out to dry properly in the vein hope of never having this happen again. Here's hoping.

Tanya Gray