Documenting our Days - The Green Bath

With all the cold, wet weather we've been having, I am constantly trying to think of new ways to keep the small ones entertained. Especially on weekends. They will often ask for a morning bath when they start to get bored. Partly to warm up and partly because a morning bath usually involves something a bit more creative than your average get clean bath. I'm happy to oblige because it means a bit of peace and quiet (sought of) for a few minutes.

Today's edition of a morning bath was shaving cream with food colouring which I thought would lead to some creative body art style of painting, but like all our craft projects it rapidly progressed into mixing all the colours and dumping the lot in the bath which produced an interesting green colour. Not the brown I had predicted. They were quite impressed. 

There was also the ritualistic tidal wave making at the end of the bath session and some freelensing thrown in for good measure because hey, big people get bored stuck inside all day too!

Tanya Gray