About me

I like awkward. I like things a little different, a little crazy, a little out of the ordinary. I also like beauty and light and movement. If you can capture all of that in the one frame, well, to me that is perfection.

It’s also the definition of family. Well it is for me.

Hi I’m Tanya and I live in Perth Western Australia with my husband, four children and one crazy chocolate labrador. My love of imperfection probably comes from my crazy and quirky family dynamic. Family life to me is messy, chaotic and most of the time I feel like a hot mess trying to keep up but not a day goes by that I am not immeasurably grateful to be living life with my gang.

I imagine that for most people they feel the same.

When I photograph a family that is what I am looking for. The “thing” that makes your family yours. The something that is a little different to everyone elses something. The quirks, the rhythm of family life, the heart. By keeping a session relaxed and fun I am always on the look out for those moments that are just yours and your family’s alone. Then I capture them.

If this sounds like something you would like to do with me please get in touch and we can find the beauty in the chaos together.


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